Thursday, December 6, 2012

It's Okay to Make Mistakes!

There comes a moment in our lives when we feel just so lonely and empty, despite that we are so accomplished.

It’s strange actually…feeling lonely even when you have the most loving life partner, feeling deprived when you have just everything in life, and feeling neglected even when you are an eye candy for the people in your life. And that's when we make wrong decisions and mistakes.

Yes, this is weird. But not pretty much because we are humans.

Humans… who experience several mood swings in a single day, yearn for things that do not belong to them, and on the top of that do not value those things after they become their own.

We make mistakes in life, for some which we regret our entire life. But it's okay to make mistakes. And we should not be afraid of embracing their outcomes.

Because they are the greatest learning experiences; tell you what not to do, what choices shouldn't be made, and what'll do harm.

Don't worry; people won't remember your mistakes. The only thing that matters is what you learn from those mistakes and what you do with them. After all, we are humans!

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