Friday, October 5, 2012

Battered Baby Syndrome - Baby Ahuti - Yet Another Victim

 I’m not going to post any sensitive picture here, but yes, the issue is more serious than what it seems. Today, we have another battered infant ‘Ahuti’ beaten to death by her very own mother. 

Mother, who kept her in womb for 8 months (she was a pre-mature baby)…

Mother, who never wanted a girl child…

Mother, who mercilessly threw her anywhere and banged her with anything that came into her hand…

There are couples all around who beg (literally) to God to bless them with children. They live at the mercy of fate, and God, and the doctors, who they believe will bless them with the divine feeling of becoming parents some day. And on the flip side, we have stone-hearted and reckless people like Ahuti’s mother, who ruthlessly beat up an infant to death.

How reckless people can become? If they don’t need a girl child, the best they can do is to give-away her (yes) in an orphanage. This may be a boon for the child-less couples, and the child too, someday when the latter will be adopted and raised with love she deserves.

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