Tuesday, June 14, 2016

What's happening to my country?

I wonder what is happening to my country!

The country I’m born into, the land where I grew up, the country I’m a proud citizen of.

It’s disheartening to see it deteriorate, especially by its own people.

Why are we taking lives of each other?

Why Hindu, Muslim brothers hate each other in the name of religion?

We are children of One God, The Almighty. He didn’t teach us to hate or kill our brother. He may have different forms in different religions, but at the end...we all have to go to Him, after all we came through Him in this world.

We were all same in infancy. Our growing patterns, eating patterns, first steps, crawls, first words, babbles…these are all same, no matter we belong to any religion or community.

Then how do we become so different when we grow up? God made all of us equal and same. It’s the society that differentiated us, shaped our character, and assigned us our religion.

Okay, its fine to follow your family’s religion, traditions and cultural values, but that too doesn’t teach you to hate anyone. That doesn’t teach you to offend, assault or offend people belonging to other creed.

Why can’t we stop judging people from their surname?

Why can’t we teach our children to be good human beings?

Why can’t we be more tolerant?

There is a lot of chaos in my mind, muddles in my heart, and a little pain somewhere. I don’t know what more to write, because I’m unable to.

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